Agriculture 4.0

The greatest challenges for the agricultural industry nowadays are the importance of youth, digitalization and the use of efficient and sustainable irrigation systems. Agriculture 4.0 is already a reality and San Antonio Fruits' commitment is to promote the use of new technologies in the coming years.

The Spanish agricultural sector wants to continue being a strategic sector in the economy. For this reason, the Spanish government has set the clear objective of reducing the digital division within rural areas. The government highlights the importance of youth and women, digitization and innovation, and efficient and sustainable irrigation.

The agriculture minister understands that these are the three basic aspects to increase the productivity and efficiency of the agri-food sector and, at the same time, promote the revitalization of the rural world. For this reason, the digital transformation of the agri-food sector must be a strategic priority, in the short, medium and long term.

Agriculture 4.0 is already a reality. The sector is already using technology through precision agriculture, robotics or the use of satellites and drones with which growers achieve better yields estimations and a more efficient use of natural resources.

San Antonio Fruits' commitment to the agricultural sector and our vision of the sector in the coming years is to promote the use of new technologies in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of the sector. For this reason, our alliance with Aerobotics, a technology company for the analysis of data and aerial images, focuses on making available to growers a service that offers valuable, accurate and actionable information on the most important factors related to production.

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