San Antonio
San Antonio Fruits' commitment to the agricultural sector and growers goes further beyond commercialisation. Reason why, our partnership with Aerobotics, an aerial imagery and data analytics ag-tech company, focuses on making available to growers a service which offers valuable, accurate and actionable insights into the most important production analytics.
By using machine learning algorithms enabled by multispectral drone imagery, Aerobotics is able to offer Yield Estimation metrics, among many others. This allows growers to provide exporters with harvest estimations, to better understand and plan their commercial strategies, and to mechanically or chemically adapt sizes at harvest as required.
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San Antonio
San Antonio is proud to share an agreement with the Department of Agrochemistry and Environment of the University Miguel Hernandez in Alicante, facilitating the exchange of information and helping us with our soil management to achieve high standards of sustainability, respecting aquifers and using our water supplies more efficiently and respectfully.

We always work with our distribution partners to reduce our emissions, meeting the most demanding environmental requirements as all our fleet work under the standard Euro VI. In our agreement the fleet is renovated every two years and all the vehicles have been updated with the latest GPS devices, which help drivers to improve their driving style and reduce fuel consumption. Our next goal is to achieve a zero carbon footprint by compensating the emissions emitted during the supply chain with reforestation programs while moving towards hybrid and electric vehicles.