Benefits of Eating Seasonal Produce

Every fruit and vegetable have its own set of specific conditions for ideal growth and quality. Reason why they are harvested in different locations and seasons throughout the year. Although, globalisation allows us to enjoy a large variety of produce at any time, eating more seasonal fruit and vegetables has numerous benefits.

1. It’s better for the environment

As you know, food that has travelled across the world to get to you has a much higher impact on our environment. More energy is needed to transport, refrigerate, store it and often, more packaging is needed to keep it fresh. Eating seasonal produce helps to reduce our environmental footprint.

2. It’s cheaper

Eating seasonally could save you money! When buying in season you’re getting it at peak supply when it’s at its cheapest. Out of season means that they have grown in managed conditions or transported from a long distance which increase the costs.

3. It has more nutrients and tastes better

The fresher the better! Many nutrients in the fruit and vegetables will decline over time. When we buy produce that is not in season, in many cases, this has been stored and it has been shipped in containers for days to reach us. But seasonal produce is harvested at the very best time, so taste is maximised.

4. It helps to reduce Food Waste

According to FAO around 14% of all food produced around the world is lost between harvest & retail. The longer food spends in transit and storage, the higher the chance of it becoming waste. Buying in season helps reducing the risk of food becoming waste before it gets to the shelves.

5. It’s more exciting and good for us!

Did you realised that nature provides what we need when we need it the most? For example, in summer, stone fruits help to protect us against sun damage. Also, when you buy seasonally you will be cooking recipes  that you didn’t consider before. This will help you to have variety in your diet too.