Health Zone Maps for faster and targeted scouting

Do you want to know how we control the health of our trees at San Antonio Fruits? Our latest scouting tool gives you a map of healthy and stressed zones in the palm of your hand.

Teams can easily access zonal health insights on their mobile phones for a quick guide to areas of low and high performance, where pests and diseases or irrigation issues may be identified or representative soil and leaf samples can be taken.

Efficient zonal scouting

With Aeroview InField Health Zones, your team can easily target specific areas in your fields to ensure more effective scouting.

Here’s how:

• Download the latest version of Aeroview InField (on Android or iOS)

• On the app homepage, tap the menu button on the top left of your screen

• Tap ‘Download data’

• Navigate to the farm you want to scout and simply tap ‘Download’ for each block

• Once downloaded, these maps are available offline

• On the ground, you can switch between showing and hiding the Health Zone map.

• Each block will show the most recent Health Zone map, with 3 zones of red (being the least healthy), yellow (average health), and green (optimal health). This is NDRE health data.

About Aeroview InField

After a drone has scanned a customer’s farm, per-tree and zone Health Insights for that farm are ready to be viewed, analyzed or downloaded on your computer that includes Tree Health, Canopy Area, Volume and Tree Counts & Missing Trees.

From here a scout route can be set up with the ‘problem’ areas marked off and followed on the ground with our mobile scouting app, Aeroview InField.

San Antonio Fruits makes available to growers a service which offers valuable, accurate and actionable insights into the most important production analytics. Contact us to find out how our Health Zones can benefit your operations.