Lemon Forecast 2022-2023

The estimated lemon production represents a 10% reduction compared with the previous season due to significant rainfall events during early 2022 and higher summer temperatures.

The Spanish Association AILIMPO (Inter-professional Association of Lemon and Grapefruit) estimates a total lemon crop of 1,090,000 tons for this season 2022/2023, representing a total reduction of 10% on the previous season 2021/2022.

Weather conditions during 2022 are the responsible for this decrease. The significant rainfall events during March and April which affected flowering and fruit setting in many production areas will impact this season’s production. In addition, temperatures in May, June, July and August 2022 have been much higher than the average of the previous 20 years causing delays in fruit development and smaller sizes .

In regards of varieties, Primofiori production is expected to decrease 5% in comparison with the season 2021-2022, while the decrease will be particularly remarkable in the Verna variety, with a 22% drop.

In this season, Spain continues to be the leading exporter of fresh lemon in Europe with both, conventional and organic lemons.