Stop Food Loss and Waste

Reducing food loss and waste is essential in a world where millions of people go hungry every day and tons and tons of edible food are lost and/or wasted. According to FAO around 14% of all food produced around the world is lost between harvest & retail, while an estimated 17% of the total global food production is wasted.

It’s up to us to change our habits to make not wasting food a way of life! When food is lost or wasted, all the resources that were used to produce this food, including water, land, energy, labour and capital, go to waste.

Here are some easy actions that you can take to reduce it:

Healthier and more sustainable diet: Search for quick healthy recipes that you can share with your family and friends. You can find some easy and healthy recipes in our blog.

Buy only what you need: Plan your meals. Not only will you waste less food, you’ll also save money!

Pick ugly fruit and vegetables: Don’t judge food by its appearance! Don’t worry - they taste the same!

Store food wisely: Move older products to the front of your cupboard or fridge and new ones to the back.

Understand food labelling: Sometimes food is still safe to eat after the “best before” date.

Reuse your leftovers: If you don’t eat everything you make, freeze it for later or use the leftovers as an ingredient in another meal.

Put your food waste to use: Instead of throwing away your food scraps, compost them. This way you are giving nutrients back to the soil and reducing your carbon footprint.

Support local food producers

Eat more pulses and veggies

Sharing is caring: Donate food that would otherwise be wasted.

Remember that each of us can help reduce food waste, join the movement! #FLWDay