Covid-19: Challenges for the Agricultural Sector

The terrible global situation caused by COVID 19 is putting all known industries to the test. Agriculture is no exception, on the contrary, circumstances have put even more pressure on a sector that already faces new challenges every year.

As seen during the first phase of the pandemic, food establishments were overwhelmed by the high demand to the point of deficiencies in certain products, making all the farmers' planning ineffective. Fears that this situation will repeat itself during the second wave are increasing.

The COVID 19 crisis has highlighted the vital importance of the agricultural sector, placing it at the level of the health sector among others. In most western nations, all those workers involved in the production, distribution and sale of food have been given a value status in order to meet the growing demands. Specifically, in the European Union, in addition to highlight with greater intensity the already established free movement of goods among its member states, aid has been dedicated to those countries that have shown the greatest need to continue their production. A large part of these funds will be invested in the agricultural sector so that all these constant challenges are overcome.

Unfortunately, the measures necessary to stop the pandemic have affected many businesses in the sector. Despite the increase in demand, growth has not been proportionally distributed. There has been a disproportionate increase in those producers and / or distributors who traded with food outlets compared to the worrying detriment of those who traded with the catering sector.

The pandemic is putting the sector to the test, deficiencies, increased demands in the logistics area and drastic changes in consumption.